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About Susan Rabin

susan rabin

Susan Rabin MA was born in Brooklyn, NY. She attended the fine public high school of its time, Erasmus Hall, and went on to get her BS and MA from New York University.

Susan married in her senior year of college. She was a traditional housewife, raised three children and eventually returned to work as a Health and Physical Education, and Sex Education teacher in New York City. She became the Family Living/Sex Education Coordinator, a Guidance Counselor, and continued on to teach flirting classes and communication seminars.

The environment in the 70's was very different from today. Women's liberation and the feminist movement changed the attitudes and roles of millions of women, and certainly led Susan to more independence and a new career.

She was restless and unhappily married when a good friend suggested she write a book, to which she replied,

"I'm not a writer, what will I write about?"

"Write what you know, as basic writing classes advise."

"I know I'm unhappy."

To which her friend replied, " write about it.'" 

And so she pounded the typewriter every night when the children were asleep. The year was 1978 and she surprisingly finished a novel, submitted 40 pages to a prestigious writer's conference, Breadloaf in Vermont, home of Robert Frost. She titled it The Summer Train: A Woman’s Journey from Desperation to Celebration. While attending seminars in fiction, she enthused about the flirting classes she was teaching in New York City. Authors, advisors, agents and media alike were fascinated by flirting and she was asked to write a book on flirting. They said, "put away your novel and when you are rich and famous, your novel will come in." Her flirting books, How to Attract Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace and 101 Ways to Flirt are still selling today. They were followed by Cyberflirt, and Lucky in Love, all published by Penguin.

Susan's novel was conceived, but took 36 years to be born. She founded "The School of Flirting" which has traveled the world, as far as Australia. These last few years Susan honed her craft by attending workshops at New York University and The New School. Today, she proudly presents her novel, The Summer Train: a Woman's Journey from Desperation to Celebration.

She is always asked if the book is a memoir. It is not, but as all first novelists, she draws from life experience.

The Summer Train: A Woman’s Journey from Desperation to Celebration is available in paperback and ebook through, , Kindle and other fine booksellers.