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The Summer Train: A Woman’s Journey from Desperation to Celebration
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The Summer Train: A Woman’s Journey from Desperation to Celebration

Sandra Cleyton travels from a psychiatric hospital in New York City to life in a privileged Hamptons community. Why did Sandra voluntarily check herself into a psychiatric hospital? What was her life like before and after that experience? The novel explores Sandra's pain and David's struggle. In a materialistic, selfish, self-centered world, Sandra finally garners the courage to face the challenges of mental illness, emotional abuse, and marital infidelity. Sandra's interest in the feminist movement gives her strength and propels her growth towards independence. This book is rich with passion and dialogue that has depth and speaks the truth.

A very human story - a journey of the spirit - wonderfully told. Would love to see another novel from this author!”

Sonja S. Fox on February 20, 2014
Reviewed from Amazon

I just wanted to shout “Hooray - good for you, Sandra!” at the end of the story. Susan Rabin takes the reader through the tunnel of the darkness of mental suffering and verbal abuse and out the other side into the bright light of relief and freedom. ”

Grandma Sharon on April 16, 2014
Reviewed from Amazon

From the minute Sandra was nudged out of the elevator onto the psychiatric floor of a NYC hospital, i was in the story. I loved reading The Summer Train. it was a real page turner and kept my attention throughout. The ending didn't disappoint me. It made sense and gave hope.”

Marie A

A story told from the heart that gives a rare glimpse into the personal struggles of another era, not too long ago. The Summer Train will transport you to the inner realm of a woman struggling with bipolar disorder, in a time when it was not understood.”

S. Sissler on April 14, 2014
Reviewed from Amazon

A story that I lived with, from a close relative, for many years. It brought back sad, and happy memories. A great read, you will love it. Bravo to the author. ”

Stu 36 on April 10, 2014
Reviewed from Amazon

Many will see themselves on these pages, take heart and know that there can be light at the end of the tunnel”

Irene Fiss on February 10, 2014
Reviewed from Amazon

Susan Rabin's "The Summer Train", is a page turner. The scenes in the mental facility seem chillingly real, as Sandra tries to regain her strength to return to her demanding and demeaning husband, David and her sons. Her dilemna, a common one, is, should she leave David and regain her confidence in herself...”

By Bocabayla
Reviewed from Amazon

Enjoyable reading with strong dialogue. The book really moves along and on the way one finds pieces of oneself. Rabin confronts numerous timely issues. ”

By Gladys Y.

While reading The Summer Train, I felt like a fly on the wall of Sandra's soul, always with her, empathizing with her pain, anxiety, frustration and joy. This is a tale that reinforces your humanity as you are educated in understanding and accepting manic-depression with compassion and hope. ”

S. Frost

Dedication by Susan Rabin

To younger women born in the decades following the feminist movement, I hope this gives you hints and insights into the lives of your mothers and grandmothers.

And to the women born before woman's liberation, who didn't or couldn't choose their journey, I hope you discovered light at the end of the tunnel.