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30 Skills a Cosmo Girl Must Master

Categories: Magazines/Newspapers  •  March 1999

Ditching a fiancé can be difficult. Susan Rabin, in How to Attract Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace , suggests not blaming him/her but rather focusing on how you've changed. Tell them, "I'm not ready or I don't think it will work." Let the person save face, there's no sense in inflicting more hurt.

30 Skills a Cosmo Girl Must Master

Susan Rabin on Good Morning America

Categories: Television/Video  •  From Good Morning America in 1998

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It was a halloween school of flirting at a NYC nightclub. Singles mulled around with a sign on their back looking for their match, Anthony and Cleopatra, Burton and Taylor, etc. Then Susan started her talk, and she led the audience in evaluating each others smile and did a mirror, mimic exercise. She calls it "EDU-TAINMENT". The evening concluded with a disco. A good time was had by all.

Fear of Flirting

Categories: Magazines/Newspapers  •  Published in the Boston Globe Newspaper on November 24, 1997

"Being flirtatious was once natural, safe,and fun. Then came the sexual harassment era. Now an author is making a living trying to cure the fear of flirting." Susan spoke at Boston Center for Adult Education about her book, 101 Ways to Flirt and concedes that flirting got a bad reputation. But she says," flirting is acting playfully, being charming, living in the present. Flirting is really very zen. You're concentrating on the moment and the person you're with."

Fear of Flirting

Susan Rabin on Fox News with Bill O’Reilly

Categories: Television/Video  •  Fox News with Bill O'Reilly 1997

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Bill O'Reilly gave me a bit of a hard time emphasizing flirting in the workplace as “dangerous.” But I explained that flirting is fun, playful, charming - a flirt has a sense of humor and is a good conversationalist and listener. Flirts make everyone feel good. Flirting is a win win. While harassment is a win lose or lose lose. I convinced him of the distinction, I hope.

Love Between the Covers

Categories: Magazines/Newspapers  •  From the Seattle Post on February 13, 1997

"Flirting is not for seduction, it is not for getting into bed. It is to be playful and charming," Susan Rabin says in her new book, 101 Ways to Flirt. Further hints are to avoid lines, make eye contact, don't stare, and listen well.

Love Between the Covers

Flirting in the 90’s What’s in a Wink?

Categories: Magazines/Newspapers  •  From the New York Times on November 24, 1996

Rules of the Game. It's important to know the difference between flirting and harassment. "In flirting, both people feel good; in harassment one person feels terrible," says Susan Rabin, a former sex education teacher who offers classes on flirting. She helps distinguish the difference between the two. She says flirtation ought to be honest, open, fun without serious intent. Read her latest book, 101Ways to Flirt.

Flirting in the 90’s What’s in a Wink?

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