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Single Living Podcast

Categories: Radio/Audio  •  November 26, 2005

My School of Flirting was an exciting adventure. I ran a School of Flirting before hundreds of singles in Berkeley, CA, to present all the skills of flirting, beginning with what flirting is all about.

Single Living Podcast

Categories: Radio/Audio  •  October 23, 2005

Rich Gosse, singles guru extraordinaire, hosted a School of Flirting seminar in California where I was the featured speaker. He zeroed in on my appearances on Letterman and Oprah and it was a very successful evening.  

Dynamic Communications

Categories: Radio/Audio  •  April 13, 1995

Susan Rabin, president of Dynamic Communications designs seminars stressing effective communication styles between men and women. 55% of our communication is non-verbal and in Susan's workshops she demonstrates the theoretical and practical application of body language.