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Susan Rabin on The Letterman Show

Categories: Television/Video  •  April 25, 1994

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What a thrill David Letterman came to my apt. to give Anton a private lesson in my school of flirting. My book HOW.....had just been published and he took tips from it and instructed Anton, but the funniest part was when the director asked if i would now go to bed with Letterman and Anton.

Susan Rabin on Dynamic Communication

Categories: Television/Video  •  Dynamic Communication Seminar

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Dynamic Communications, Inc. builds the 3 C's - Communication, Connection, and Commonality.  Susan Rabin teaches the importance of people skills to encourage teamwork, satisfied customers, increased productivity and enriched quality of life at work.  

Susan Rabin on AM Northwest: Portland, Oregon

Categories: Television/Video  •  AM Northwest in 1999

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Why Cyberflirt? Susan's Cyberflirt introduces you to the largest singles party on the web. She covers the upsides and downsides. Learn how to compose a winning ad, navigate the sites, and what to say after hello. You can travel the globe and meet him/her beyond your hometown.

Shy people can compose an ad slowly, edit and erase as they like. The web takes the pressure off what to say right away. Learn to be a safe and smart flirt by reading Susan's Cyberflirt.

Susan Rabin on Good Morning America

Categories: Television/Video  •  From Good Morning America in 1998

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It was a halloween school of flirting at a NYC nightclub. Singles mulled around with a sign on their back looking for their match, Anthony and Cleopatra, Burton and Taylor, etc. Then Susan started her talk, and she led the audience in evaluating each others smile and did a mirror, mimic exercise. She calls it "EDU-TAINMENT". The evening concluded with a disco. A good time was had by all.

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