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Categories: Radio/Audio  •  November 26, 2005

My School of Flirting was an exciting adventure. I ran a School of Flirting before hundreds of singles in Berkeley, CA, to present all the skills of flirting, beginning with what flirting is all about.

I led interactive exercises. The audience practiced body language, smiles, eye contact, flirting handshakes, conversational, listening skills and much more. We staged a flirting handshake demonstrationm and a table flirt so two people could make a connection on a first date. He leaned in, she leaned in, getting in synch, she circled the wine gass, he followed. but uh oh he moved  his glass right up to hers and grabbed  her hand. She pulled  back. Lesson learned &ndash people have personal space. Do not invade. the evening concluded with questions and answers and then a dance. Fun was had by all.