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The Summer Train, Press Release

Categories: Press Releases  •  September 25, 2014

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Susan Rabin, co-founder of The School of Flirting and author of two bestsellers on flirting, has released her first novel, The Summer Train: A Woman’s Journey From Desperation to Celebration.

“I hope more people suffering and masking mental illness will be inspired by my novel to get help,” says Ms. Rabin. Ms. Rabin spent many years touring the USA, Canada, and Australia with her School of Flirting. Her smile was concealing a secret: along with 450 million people worldwide, she is bipolar, just like the protagonist in her new novel.
The Summer Train is about Sandra, a wealthy Hamptons’ housewife who is bullied, verbally abused, deceived, and confused. Sandra hits bottom before she escapes her bonds, overcomes adversity, reignites with an old flame, recalls a past writing talent, discovers women’s liberation, and begins to personally break down the stigma of mental illness. The voyeuristic novel is complete with ruthless characters we despise as well as those who can’t help but warm the heart. The Summer Train is rich with passion and truth.

Susan Rabin, MA, is the author of the bestsellers How to Attract Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace and 101 Ways to Flirt, as well as Lucky in Love and Cyberflirt (all published by Penguin). She has appeared on numerous talk shows, including Oprah, Good Morning America, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, CNN, and Bill O’Reilly. The highpoint of her talk show career was when she flirted, in bed, with David Letterman on nationwide TV.
Ms. Rabin is a native of New York City and lives in Manhattan. Her new novel is now available in paperback and ebook through Amazon and other fine booksellers. Review copies are available to members of the news media upon request. She is available to the news media to discuss the following topics and more:

  • The truth behind many smiles
  • Bipolar disorder and how it is different from other mental illnesses
  • How she hid her illness from family, friends, and intimate relationships and why she eventually got help
  • The importance of friendship when someone is ill
  • The power of self for women today, compared to the 1970s
  • The importance of the women’s liberation movement and feminism
  • The obstacles our society has overcome in 30 years when it comes to mental health
  • How social skills help people who are withdrawn and isolated get outside of themselves and better connected with others
  • How communication techniques help in the manic and depressive states to deal more effectively with anger, panic, and anxiety
  • How to improve conversational and listening skills

Susan Rabin is available for interviews by calling 917-751-7898 or contact form. Her website is

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